Best Things To Do In Tokyo, Japan

I have been living in Tokyo for almost 3 years now and had the pleasure of visiting it many times before that. As a bonus, Tokyo Sea Life Park is located inside Kasai Rinkai Koen, a massive park on the water's edge, so make a day of it. Whilst in the district, visit the statue of Hachikō, located right outside the Shibuya subway station. Quintessentially Japanese, when you enter one of Tokyo's many, many delicious ramen shops, you are probably going to find yourself confronted by a weird machine with child-like buttons and a chef gesturing wildly at it when you try to order.

Tokyo Sea Life Park - Tokyo's best aquarium, in Kasai Rinkai Park with plenty of room to roam. Don't skip out on the Tokyo National Museum, the largest collection of Japanese art in the world. Yokochos are ultimately small little old-school alleys that are located close to the train stations, and that are filled to the brim with tiny little restaurants and drinking spots.

Tickets can be purchased at the airport or in advance (more info here ). It stops at Tokyo Station, Shinjuku, Ikebukuro, Shibuya, and Shinagawa stations. Public toilets are now available, but you'll still feel like you've stepped back in time as you wander the narrow alleyways full of tiny yakitori restaurants seating just a handful of people at the counter.

That said, it's a bit of a walk from the station on a rainy day, so bring your umbrella. Located right next to the Sumo stadium , the Edo Tokyo Museum is a great indoor activity in Tokyo and easily one of the best repositories of Japanese historical items anywhere.

It's a great place to stay to get the Hakone feel (the outdoor Japanese bath looks out into the hills) and be close to the train station for doing the Hakone loop. Even after the owner died, the dog continued to show his devotion by arriving at the train station at the same time, every evening, for the rest of his days.

An attraction on its own, this is the perfect place to get the taste of the Japanese street food culture Nakamise Dori has been providing temple visitors with a variety of traditional snacks, dishes, and souvenirs for centuries. The Ota Memorial Museum in Harajuku is a small gallery with changing exhibits of beautiful ukiyo-e, Japanese woodblock prints.

If you want to enjoy proximity to most of the city's main attraction, finding a hotel in Shibuya or Shinjuku might be a great choice. Finally, for fans of Godzilla, try to get one of the Gracery Shinjuku hotel's special Godzilla rooms opening in April, one of which provides a good view of its outdoor statue, which roars and puts on a show several times a day.

In Odaiba, where Miraikan is located, you might also want to see the Panasonic Center, which has an exhibit on the upcoming 2020 Olympic games and the role technology will play, the Trick Art Museum and a huge Gundam statue outside DiverCity and a huge Gundam store inside, where you can buy a Gundam, select colors and paint it right then and there.

The real reason to visit this area is the monsters, or yokai in Japanese. Not the big modern love hotels of Shibuya — I mean the hopeful little clusters of rural ones you'll find by rivers and stations in the outer suburbs, bright little clusters of neon signs among the darkness of residential Japan.

From Alice In Wonderland Cafes, Owl Cafes, Robot Restaurant to Penguin Cafes, here are 10 themed cafes in Japan that you should check out the next time you visit the country. This entertainment shopping mall, Sunshine City, located in the second biggest Things to Do in Tokyo anime otaku capital of Tokyo offers so fun many activities.

Ignore the usual international chain stores and head to Wako, Mitsukoshi, Matsuya or Hankyu to experience a true Japanese shopping experience. At Shimo-Akatsuka Station, take the north exit, which is labelled in Japanese and English For Jourenji (Tokyo Daibutsu)”.

It's not just a sprawling metropolis of millions of people but more of a cluster of mini cities that have been squashed together to produce modern-day Tokyo. Tokyo is the perfect city for any solo traveler and the first place I ever visited on my own, actually Tokyo is possibly among the safest places on earth.

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